Endorsement Statements

Jordan Banning. Assistant Head Coach, State Champion Folsom Bulldogs
As lifelong residents of Folsom, my wife and I are proud to call this community our home. I serve as the Associate Head Coach of the State Champion Folsom Bulldogs and run my own consulting business, while my wife is a local real estate professional. Together, we are raising our young family here. Folsom holds a special place in our hearts, and we are committed to preserving the attributes that make it an extraordinary place to live. Supporting our local Police and Fire departments, along with investing in our Parks and Trails, is essential for maintaining a safe and vibrant community for our children. We believe in keeping our tax dollars local to directly impact the places that matter most in Folsom. Support for this initiative is crucial in ensuring a bright future for our town.

Jim Carlsen
Folsom is a special place to work and raise a family. My wife Beth and I have done both for many, many years. We have had the opportunity to participate and contribute to our community, including building the Sports Complex, helping with the Jr. Bulldogs field, assisting Powerhouse Ministries, and many other important Folsom amenities. We must invest in Folsom to keep it the place that we all know and love. I support this important special sales tax measure because it helps fund the essential services that make this a great town. Please join me in supporting Folsom Takes Action to support our community.

Dan Carson, Folsom Firefighter/Paramedic
“Being born and raised in Folsom, and now having the privilege to serve the community as a Firefighter with the City of Folsom is a great honor. I support this tax measure to keep Folsom the safe and distinguished city we all love.”

Bruce Cline, Folsom Resident, Former Folsom City Attorney, Folsom Takes Action Chair
I have lived in Folsom for over 33 years, raised a family here, and have been involved in many parts of this great town. Folsom, like virtually all cities, is facing a significant financial challenge due to declining revenues and increasing expenses that are outside the City’s control. Over the past summer and fall, concerned residents initiated community meetings to learn about the financial problems and discuss options. The overwhelming consensus of the group of residents is that we have a significant financial problem and must do something about it. The group wanted accountability and any funds generated must support police, fire, parks and trails and essential services. We have fewer police officers today than we did in 2008 – that is not acceptable for a safe community!   I signed on as the Co-Chair of the Folsom Residents Supporting Public Safety and Quality of Life to help drive this absolutely essential measure because Folsom is a great place to live and I want to see it continue to be great for my children and grandchildren to be able to live in a safe community with maintained parks, trails and streets. One cent goes a long ways to protect the quality of life we all enjoy.

Robert Goss, Folsom Resident, Former Folsom Parks & Recreation Director, Folsom Takes Action Co-Chair
Anyone who knows me knows my passion for our parks and recreation system, trails and open space. However, I’m not supporting this effort just for the benefit of my passions. I’m supporting it for the benefit of the entire community and all the vital services we need and enjoy. The City has a well-documented revenue problem, not a spending problem. Over the years, our city councils and city management staff have made consistent and at times difficult decisions that reduced staffing costs, reduced operational costs, and increased efficiency. But now our public safety services are underfunded; the maintenance of our streets, storm drain systems, parks and trails are all underfunded; we have tens of millions of dollars in deferred maintenance building up; and we have no consistent revenue that can be invested back into our community to preserve our property values and maintain our quality of life. This 1-cent sales tax will cost each of us a very small amount, but will make a tremendous difference in the services we depend on.

Steve Heard, Folsom Resident
I moved to Folsom 23 years ago, raised my family here, and still frequent the parks and trails with my wife and grandsons. I have served on City commissions and committees, and I run my real estate business here. I know that like me, others come to Folsom for the great quality of life it offers.

When the recession hit, the city made tough decisions, cutting spending on staff as well as maintenance of parks and other public amenities and infrastructure. These were the right decisions at the time, but today, those spending cuts have resulted in a smaller police force (9 fewer police officers than in 2007-08 while our population and crime have increased) and deteriorating parks, trails and other amenities. Meanwhile, online shopping has resulted in a reduction of one of our primary sources of revenue; sales tax.

Folsom Takes Action, the citizen-initiated 1 cent special sales tax measure provides accountability to assure the funds raised are used to support crucial safety services, maintain our deteriorating parks, trails, and infrastructure, and build for a better future. Please join me in supporting Folsom Takes Action.

Will Kempton, Folsom Athletic Association
As a member of the Folsom Athletic Association Board of Directors I support the “Folsom Takes Action” initiative because I want to maintain a high quality of life for our City which is facing a significant drop in revenues to support essential City services and properly maintain existing facilities. Approval by the voters of the “Folsom Takes Action” initiative will provide for additional resources to pay for police and fire operations, improved parks and trails, investment in transportation and water infrastructure and important capital projects, and funding for economic development to secure a better future. Without this financial support, public safety and other City services will continue to decline and facilities will continue to deteriorate, jeopardizing Folsom’s status as a great place to live, work and play.

Roger Kohne, P.E, Folsom Resident, Former Folsom Senior Civil Engineer
My family chose to move to Folsom in 2008 for many reasons: safe neighborhoods, outdoor access to the river and trails, and many City-run facilities such as the library, zoo, and (Andy Morin) Sports Complex. Now that our kids have grown, we want to do our part to help ensure Folsom continues to be a special place to live for the next generation of families, as well as for ourselves and our future grandchildren. As an engineer, I also know that not addressing problems such as renewal and replacement of infrastructure, such as streets, parks, and trails, today means these problems will become bigger and more expensive for us all to fix in the future. Additional funding from this initiative will help our already well-run city do its job of keeping Folsom “Distinctive By Nature.”

Carrie Lane, Folsom Resident, Retired
I’m a Folsom resident living in the historic district. I’ve become involved in this special sales tax initiative effort because as the retired CEO of a statewide law enforcement association, it was my responsibility to manage budgets and ensure the financial viability of over $150 million in assets and I understand the looming structural deficit facing our city. I am a passionate advocate for our city and believe this 1% sales tax is the only viable solution to keeping our community vibrant and safe.

Doug Lee, Folsom Resident, Former Lincoln Chief of Police
The dedicated women and men of the Folsom Police Department do an outstanding job, but they have been asked to “do more with less” for too long. This initiative provides Folsom residents the opportunity to help fix that, while also addressing critical financial deficiencies in other City departments. Citizens in almost every other city in this region have approved a local sales tax. As a resident of Folsom for 13 years, and a retired law enforcement professional (37 years of service, including  4 1/2 as a Chief of Police), I ask you to do the same.

Teresa Luchi, Folsom Resident
I have been a Folsom resident since 2000. I enjoy the extensive trail system, the sense of safety and security, the quality of life and unique charm of the historic district. I joined the committee because I strongly feel our community is at a critical crossroad. Unless Folsom increases its tax revenue it runs the serious risk of losing the many amenities that makes it so special.

Andy Morin, Folsom Resident, former Folsom Mayor
I am a 36+ year resident who has raised our children in Folsom. I proudly served as a Planning Commissioner, City Council member and Mayor in Folsom. I believe in our town and know that there are many needs and that we must invest in our community to keep it the great place that we all love. Please Join me in this important, community based, grass roots effort to invest in the security of Folsom’s bright future.

Lorraine Poggione, Former Folsom Parks & Recreation Director
The lack of revenue and the absence of a plan to address it, is real. Legitimate and essential service funding requests have been denied for several years due to lack of funding. I joined, and support, this effort to offer a sustainable solution.

Tony Powers, Folsom Resident, Former Traffic Safety Committee Member, Active Transportation Advocate
My wife and I have lived in Folsom’s Historic District for 30 years, and I have worked and volunteered in the city for almost that long. We raised our four sons here because of Folsom’s unique combination of unmatched natural beauty, multi-faceted history, great municipal services, unique cultural amenities, wonderful and varied parks, community pride, and — most important to us – its comprehensive bikeway and trail system. Quite simply, we live here because Folsom provides the best quality of life in the region. That doesn’t come free, and it has become clear that current funding is not adequate to maintain that quality of life.

Justin Raithel, P.E., Folsom Resident, Sacramento County Planning Commissioner
I first opened a business in Folsom in 2009 and have served on the Folsom Library Commission, the Folsom Planning Commission and the Sacramento County Planning Commission along with the boards of multiple local non-profits. Folsom has been served by many councilmembers who have balanced the budget through cuts and limited staffing to make the best use of our tax dollars but unfortunately they have stretched our incoming revenues as far as they can. While Folsom has incredible volunteers and non-profits, our core city services we rely on (public safety, parks/trails, roads, etc) are falling behind and risk significant cuts if we don’t secure additional funding. Our local taxes go directly back into our community to provide essential services – keeping us safe and making sure our next generation can enjoy the Folsom quality of life that we all love.

Jim Snook, Snooks Candies and Chocolate Factory
The Snook Family chose to locate Snook’s Candy in Folsom on Sutter Street because Folsom is a unique and special place and we have operated our business here for over 35 years. We understand the financial challenges that the City faces and we support the Folsom Takes Action measure. The City can’t cut its way out of this issue and much of the escalating cost of running a City and declining revenue are out of its control. You can’t take a classic car and put it in a field and expect it to be the same in 20 years. You have to maintain it along the way. Folsom deserves to have a higher level of service. Snooks Candy is part of what makes Folsom special and we want to be part of the vibrancy in Folsom. Folsom has to care of Folsom and keep our tax dollars local. Please join me in supporting this important measure for Folsom’s future.

Randy Ulibarri, Folsom Resident
Folsom is a special place and when we had a choice of where to live 12 years ago we chose Folsom. I had the opportunity to serve as the Chief of Police in Folsom and know we have a great police force and the men and women of the Folsom Police Department serve our community well. Today, Folsom has a financial problem due to declining revenues primarily due to sales tax decline. We have far fewer officers today than we did 12 years ago and that should not be the case in order to have a safe and vibrant community. Please join me in supporting Public Safety, and other critical city services, and voting Yes on this important measure.

Kelli Vaccaro, CEO of Kids inc Preschool and Discovery Center
As a Folsom resident for the last 30 years and business owner I am supporting this Citizen initiated special sales tax measure. I would like to make sure We stay on top of public safety, and preserve the beauty of our community by protecting our parks and trails. If we all join together we can protect the community we live in for our future generation.

Brian Wallace, Folsom Resident
I am a 21 year Folsom resident and am passionate about Folsom. I have seen firsthand how the financial challenges have affected Police, Fire and Parks and Trails. Folsom is a very special place and this citizen initiated measure is the right way to invest in our community as all money generated stays right here in Folsom and Folsom gets to decide how to use them. I urge you to join me in supporting Folsom Takes Action – sign the petition to give a voice to the voters on this important measure.

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