What Does an Extra 1-Cent Get You?

An extra 1-cent on every dollar of sales tax – all of which stays in Folsom and cannot be taken by the State or the County – will generate $29 million in funding (annually) that can only be used for public safety, reducing traffic, enhancing our community, economic development and other specified uses.

Importantly, up to 40% of that $29 million would be paid by visitors from other cities.

Here’s what you get for that:

How the Funds Will be Used
  • Additional Fire, Rescue and Emergency Medical Services. The initiative requires 20% of these revenues (about $5.8 million based on current projections) must go to the Folsom fire Department to provide funding for additional firefighters, EMS, and fire support staff,  training, fire protection equipment, vehicles, and supplies, and renovation or construction of new fire department facilities. None of these funds can be used to enhance existing retirement benefits.
  • Enhanced Public Safety. Another 20% of these new revenues must go specifically to support the Folsom Police Department for crime prevention, enforcement, addressing homelessness, and traffic safety. Funding may be used on equipment, training, technology, facilities, and the recruitment of additional police officers and police support personnel – and cannot be used to enhance existing retirement benefits.
  • Improvements to Reduce Traffic Congestion, Repair Roads and Improve Water Quality. From these new revenues, 15% (about $4.3 million, based on current projections) must be used to address and improve traffic congestion, pay for street and pothole repairs, and support other street maintenance initiatives on both sides of Highway 50. These funds also make Folsom eligible for matching grants that will help fund major traffic improvement projects, such as new freeway interchanges and overcrossings. A portion of these funds must also be used to ensure Folsom meets state mandates for environmental water quality, as well as for maintenance and improvements to prevent flooding and enhance water quality in creeks and the American River. 
  • Repair and Maintain Parks, Recreation Facilities and Trails. Not less than 15% percent of the revenues must be used to maintain and enhance City of Folsom parks, bike and walking trails, and park facilities (including the Folsom Aquatic Center, community center, joint use sports facilities, the Folsom Zoo Sanctuary, and the sports complex), and develop new parks consistent with the city’s Parks Master Plan.
  • Investment in Economic Development to Add Jobs and Help Prevent Today’s Problems from Happening Again. Another 15% of these revenues must be used to fund and promote economic sustainability and community improvement initiatives to generate additional revenues, attract and retain businesses, create jobs, and enhance the overall quality of life in Folsom.
  • Major Capital Improvement Projects. The final 15% of these funds must be used for major improvements to city infrastructure or facilities, such as major transportation/traffic safety projects, public safety facilities, parking facilities, libraries, or similar projects that take many years to fund, and enhance the quality of life for all residents.
  • A Citizens Oversight Committee to recommend how revenues should be spent, monitor how funds are used and prepare an annual audit for the public.