First of all, all the money stays in Folsom. Unlike other, larger forms of government, your city government is a service provider to you – Folsom’s residents and business owners. The purpose of this proposal is to raise revenue to preserve, and enhance a number of these services, including those essential to enhancing public safety, maintaining property values, and for our quality of life.

This proposal would raise $29 million annually, based on current projections – all of which would stay in Folsom and cannot be taken by the state or county. The proposal also specifically requires money raised to be used for public safety – including funding for fire, rescue and emergency services, programs to reduce crime and address homelessness, wildfire fire protection, traffic improvements, park, recreation facility and trail improvements, economic development (to fund and invest in new jobs and revenues that will help prevent us from being in this situation again), upgrades to our stormwater system to prevent flooding and damage to private or public property, and large “capital improvements” (aka large construction projects that enhance the community).

Absolutely NO money can be used to enhance pensions or retirement benefits for current city employees.

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