For more than a decade, Folsom’s leaders have been actively working to cut costs, stretch dollars, and ensure a balanced budget, while minimizing cuts to public services. Actions the city has taken include:

  • Reducing staffing levels. The city has 77 fewer employees today than it did in 2008– there are staffing shortages in nearly every department, and all departments are doing more with less, even as our population has continued to increase.
  • Using part-time or contract employees (to save costs on salaries and benefits) whenever feasible.
  • Increasing the employee’s contribution requirements towards their retirement.
  • Eliminating retiree health benefits for new employees.
  • Increasing employee’s contribution requirements for their health benefits.
  • Restructuring education incentive pay for cost savings.
  • Extending the number of steps in pay ranges to reduce annual pay increases.
  • Eliminating longevity pay for new employees.
  • Capping accrued leave balances and cash out amounts.
  • Incrementally reducing scopes of services for such contracts as landscape maintenance to match available dollars, which has, and will continue to manifest itself with visible lack of quality, loss of vegetation, and unattractive streetscapes and parks.
  • Deferring millions of dollars of maintenance and capital costs.
  • Extending the “useful life cycle” of city vehicles.
  • Implementing electronic permitting and payment systems to increase efficiencies.
  • Applying for state and federal grants for capital and service needs.

Check out “What’s Been Done” for more information.